There are situations in life when we are forced to employ a private detective.  Choosing the right person can be crucial, so it's worth paying at least some attention to it.
Fierce market competition increases the demand for professional protection. Eventually, the coming recession will intensify cases of unethical business activities, which means that we should be at an constant vigilance.
The protection of children and young people has been entrusted by parents to detective companies for a long time. However, the modern world requires new solutions, as the task is highly dependent on special qualifications and experience.
Detective services are hardly as exotic as they used to be. In fact, it is now one of the standard methods of obtaining information – and by that, I mean verified and certain information.
One could agonize, whine, and wring their hands, while more and more companies start utilizing unfair methods as means of gaining an advantage over its competitors.  Instead of agonizing, whining, and wringing your hands, it is simply better to resist it.
Poland overflows with detective services. In every major city you can easily find several detective companies ready to help their clients with their trouble. The thing is, some people can get us into even more trouble.
Knowledge is the most basic decision-making tool in business. Its scope and depth often determines the success of the project, so it is important that information about our contractors, for example, is provided to us by professionals and not amateurs.
- We are talking through the phone and my imagination gives me the following picture: you are sitting in a comfortable armchair, glass of whiskey in hand, documents and photos are lying on the desk, and a panama hat is hanging on the hanger. Is this what detective work looks like? 
We propose - 1.To establish the Polish Federation of Detectives® (Associated Entrepreneurs) as the statutory representative of the community of licensed Polish detectives on the basis of professional self-government with the right to participate in the licensing procedure, including compulsory membership.
from Latin "Experienced and effective in the profession"