Demony wracają, nawet jeśli przebić je dobrze zaostrzonym osinowym kołkiem – właściciele firm alarmują, że w ostatnich miesiącach rośnie liczba kradzieży w firmach.
Business intelligence is one of the basic services provided by a detective company. It is also one of the most sought-after services on the market, especially when considering the context of verifying contractors or clients.
A lot depends on trust.  First of all, it depends on whether the private detective will solve the case entrusted to him.  And whether the facts that were established during his examination are safe and will not be used contrary to our intentions. Therefore, when choosing a detective agency with which we want to cooperate with, it is worth checking it out first, finding out whether the agency holds an appropriate reputation, and whether it archives data in accordance with applicable regulations. This should be one of the most important criteria that the client takes into account when choosing a detective agency - explains Wiesław Modrakowski, representative of the Expertus® (Law Office & Investigators).
Piotr Gajdziński talks to Marcin Borowsiki, a psychologist and sexologist from the Medical Specialist Health Center in Tworki, about the fundamental importance of trust, harassment and it’s symptoms, and ways of protecting children from abuse.
Marcin Borowski, a psychologist and sexologist from the Medical Specialist Health Center in Tworki, talks about experts dealing with the problem of child abuse, demonizing their partners and unconsciously exerting pressure on children.
The world of Polish business is entering a difficult and dangerous path marked by rapidly declining economic growth, high inflation and a significant reduction in consumer spending. Such instability goes hand-in-hand with illegal activities, to which companies are becoming increasingly exposed, especially in case of rivalling businesses.
There are situations in life when we are forced to employ a private detective.  Choosing the right person can be crucial, so it's worth paying at least some attention to it.
Fierce market competition increases the demand for professional protection. Eventually, the coming recession will intensify cases of unethical business activities, which means that we should be at an constant vigilance.
The protection of children and young people has been entrusted by parents to detective companies for a long time. However, the modern world requires new solutions, as the task is highly dependent on special qualifications and experience.
from Latin "Experienced and effective in the profession"