• Protection of classified information,
    company secrets

Protection of classified information,
company secrets

Confidential information


We often do not fully realize what classified information actually is. Are these all information about the enterprise not officially disclosed in the relevant registers, or maybe only those that are explicitly decided by the entrepreneur himself. In fact, the secret of the company should be everything that generates its profit, even starting from the business model itself. There is also a legal definition of a trade secret specified in Art. 11 sec. 2 of the Act on Combating Unfair Competition, which says that "a trade secret is understood as technical, technological, organizational information of a company or other information having economic value, which as a whole or in a specific combination and set of its elements are not commonly known to people usually dealing with this type of information, or is not easily accessible to such persons, provided that the holder of the information or disposal of the information has taken due diligence to maintain its confidentiality".



Company Secret


A company secret is legally protected, provided, however, that the elements falling within the scope of this concept will be kept secret by a given entrepreneur. The best way to protect confidentiality is to enter into confidentiality agreements with employees and contractors. Our task is to monitor any behavior that may breach classified information, including by failing to comply with the above agreements and possibly preventing, as well as documenting, breaches of the company's secrets in order to pursue the entrepreneur's rights in court.

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