• Establishing and documenting
    crime methodology

Establishing and documenting
crime methodology

Economic crime


Has your business been a victim of an economic crime? Do you suspect that someone is harming you or your business? Perhaps your assumptions are correct, but you do not have the necessary knowledge and resources to detect the perpetrator or obtain evidence?


Crime methodology


Nowadays, technical and IT possibilities generate more and more original and unexpected ways of acting of perpetrators. If you do not know how to determine who, why and by what methods are directing illegal activities at you, rely on our knowledge and experience! In order to answer your concerns, you need specialist knowledge, among others technical or criminology owned by professionals working in our agency. The modus operandi of the perpetrator is usually shaped by his individual features and capabilities. For you, thanks to careful observation and analysis, we are able to select or exclude a potential perpetrator. Using their skills in the field of law, psychology, criminology and using the appropriate tools, our experts make every effort to effectively reach the information you are interested in and professionally document the methodology of crimes.

from Latin "Experienced and effective in the profession"