• Protection
    of business

Protection of your business

Our offer includes, among others:

  • security people , apartments and offices,
  • security technical and operational facilities,
  • counteracting surveillance in all forms,
  • detection listening devices,
  • jamming - counteracting - interference in privacy and business confidentiality,
  • physical check the premises
  • checking areas at risk of scanning devices,
  • security anti-eavesdropping business meetings.

protection strategy

We protect people, all kinds of objects (regardless of their size, location and nature), as well as transports, shipments of documents and high-risk goods.


We implement a specific - usually implicit - protection of the privacy of business meetings.


We develop the protection strategy for each client individually. In order to ensure the highest level of security for our clients, we carry out threat analyzes and professional security audits.

Our range of services covers

Locks and locks; secret viewing audio and video systems via wireless networks, the Internet and with the use of satellite systems; biometric access control systems; verification and archiving of IDs of people; maintaining the functioning and ongoing maintenance of media and connections in the security systems used; protecting the safety of people; protection of property; protection of facilities; information protection; securing the privacy of business meetings; supervision and control of security staff, technical supervision; VIP protection; records of passenger and goods traffic; mechanical and electronic security systems; recovery of lost data from disks

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