• Object security audits

Object security audits

Security Audits


Security audit is a process of actively checking a security system, analyzing and evaluating its functionality, and observing procedures. The purpose of the audit is to comprehensively assess the state of security, it is based on assessment procedures adapted to the specifics and needs of the Principal. Each company operates in a different way, the knowledge and experience of our company allows us to carry out audits in each industry. The scope of our audits includes, among others analysis of potential threats, assessment of the facility's security system tools and technical security measures, assessment of the interaction of security system elements.


Documentation analysis


We also offer an analysis of the documentation specifying the rules for the protection of the facility and its compliance with the security plan, technical documentation for the facility security, rules of conduct in crisis situations, work regulations, and internal regulations. At your request, we will also test for wiretaps.

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