• Negotiation and monitoring
    of contracts

Negotiation and monitoring
of contracts



Negotiation is a skillfully conducted conversation in order to reach an agreement satisfactory for both sides of the dialogue, it is a process of joint search for a solution to a problem. It is important in conducting negotiations to look at the matter from a different perspective, for this purpose it is worth considering the participation of outsiders. We invite you to take advantage of our agency's offer in order to choose the right negotiator. In the case of concluding contracts, negotiations aim to work out a contract on the terms satisfactory to contractors.


Contract monitoring


We provide contract monitoring services, check the extent to which contracts are being implemented, and whether both parties properly fulfill individual points of the contract. In case of noticing shortcomings, we conduct negotiations, and in the event of resistance from one of the parties to the contract, we assist in initiating proceedings aimed at legal resolution of a given situation.


from Latin "Experienced and effective in the profession"