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Advice for
forensics and criminology

We put at your disposal lawyers and professional advisers in the scope of:


  • full legal service for the client along with representation before common courts and institutions by legal advisers and attorneys,
  • assessment of compliance of internal regulations with applicable law, legal solutions, preparation of contracts and agreements,
  • preparation of documents necessary to initiate proceedings in a given case.


We provide professional consultations and expert support incl. at:


  • verifying compliance and validity of using various attestations, production markings, trademarks and official marks with applicable regulations,
  • assessment of the correctness of the legal procedures applied and the actual consequences of their lack,
  • verification of unfair competition activities,
  • breach of regulations, including those relating to the authorized actions of legal protection authorities, personal data protection and classified information,
  • giving opinions on any forensic events - including those resulting in theft or other loss, damage or destruction of property,
  • securing activities: information, people, property, places, events and traces that may be of legal significance,
  • performing professional safety assessments of people, production and warehouse facilities, office and business facilities, incl. through: audit; definition of procedures; disclosure of threats; verification of the information obtained; identified negative behavior, fixed events; use of covert techniques; polygraph tests; training on the principles and method of response in the event of extraordinary events.
The implementation procedures of each order are always specified with the terms of the given entity and subject of the order.
Most come down to 2 methods:



Formal and legal


Officially on the basis of and with reference to the power of attorney from the Principal, finalizing the arrangements made and boiling down to securing the identified, established and verified evidence or their sources.





Without relying on the Principal and at your own risk, carried out mainly by the following methods and forms:


  • verification of the provided data and consultation with the Principal of the assumptions regarding the proposed projects,
  • examination of available IT sources and official registers of natural persons and business entities,
  • direct implicit arrangements of the situations being the subject of the order and carried out in a completely confidential manner, setting the priority of the procedure and limited - strictly defined, flow of information,
  • analysis and verification of sources and direct findings as well as selecting evidence or sources of evidence to be obtained
  • documenting the activities performed or the findings and sources of evidence to the extent agreed each time with the Principal, the finalization of which is - depending on the Principal's discretion - a 1, 2-week or monthly written report with documentation on the activities performed, delivered and discussed at meetings with The Ordering Party.
from Latin "Experienced and effective in the profession"