• Verification of the authenticity
    of documents and markings

Verification of the authenticity
of documents and markings

Verifying the authenticity of documents


We offer professional services in the field of document authenticity verification for companies and individuals. We analyze documents, handwriting and typewriters, for this purpose we use the latest scientific method and technology. We not only confirm the authenticity of documents, but also establish authorship or verify the authenticity of signatures on documents. Our professionals, after careful analysis, can determine whether the documents were signed by the same person, were written on the same device, whether the text has not been reworked, and whether there are no removed or changed fragments. We also try to decode the missing fragments. By using the services of our company, you can count on full confidentiality and work in accordance with the standards.



Verify the authenticity of the markings


Our company also deals, at your request, with the verification of the authenticity of markings, for example, vehicle identification markings, establishing serial numbers, examination of coins and jewelery, the authenticity of branded products and markings in many other fields. We invite you to use the services of our company in the field of verification of the authenticity of documents and markings.


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