• Stationary and dynamic observation
    - GPS tracking

Stationary and dynamic observation
- GPS tracking



Observation is one of the basic methods of detective work. It is used to carry out orders aimed at obtaining knowledge about people and events. This method is very tedious and time-consuming, requires a lot of patience, it is important to be careful not to be noticed. Each observation is preceded by a conversation with the client, which is based on answers to the following questions: what ?, where ?, when ?, how ?, what ?, why ?, who? . All information obtained during the interview is saved as information for the implementation of the task. Statistical observation consists in observing an object that is not moving, while during dynamic observation we observe a moving object, for this purpose GPS locators help us.



GPS locators


Locators are devices that locate their position using GPS and save them to their internal memory. Such a device, due to its small size and ease of assembly (in a vehicle, shipment, machine), is a great working tool. However, the applicable law should be taken into account. By using our services, you can be sure of our professional approach to the case and acting in accordance with the law.

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