• Profiling of people
    including perpetrators of crimes

Profiling of people
including perpetrators of crimes



In Latin, to profile means to outline. Profiling consists in examining data on a crime in terms of psychology and determining the characteristics of the perpetrator. The condition for the usefulness of profiling is to go beyond the psychological approach, the matter should be approached holistically, taking into account physical and personality features as well as social or demographic features. Effective profiling requires the profiler to have extensive knowledge of work and investigative practice, psychology, sociology, forensics, forensics, psychiatry, logic, etc. Defining the profile of people is aimed at narrowing the circle of people interested in law enforcement agencies. The Polish profiling model consists of several stages: preliminary data analysis, typological analysis, event reconstruction, formulation of the motivational process and construction of the perpetrator's characteristics.

Profiling is a process


It is a process of inference aimed at determining the personality, psychological portrait of people and limiting the circle of suspects. You can expect extensive knowledge from our detectives in the field of many scientific disciplines, we guarantee full professionalism in approaching the case, the enormity of our experience is not without significance here.


from Latin "Experienced and effective in the profession"