• Preparation of documentation
    of the place of the incident

Preparation of documentation
of the place of the incident

Collect leftovers


Every action of a person causes the formation of some traces, they can be, for example, fingerprints, hair, left behind smells, but also the impressions that the person made on the witnesses of the event. Professional collection of evidence consists of many stages, including: positive and negative safeguards, visual inspection, photographic documentation, revealing traces. It is extremely important to prepare appropriate documentation of the collected information. Only a professional and experienced detective is able to notice the details relevant to the case.



Documentation from the scene


Documentation is primarily intended to record the existing situation, describe the course of the inspection and evidence material.

By choosing the services of our company, you have full professionalism in terms of fully documenting the place of the event and traces found, nothing will escape our alert senses.

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