• Perpetrator detection procedures
    and modus operandi

Perpetrator detection procedures
and modus operandi

Detecting offenders


It is one of the divisions of forensic tactics, the functions of which include detection, recognition, disclosure of evidence and prevention. The task of forensics is to detect the perpetrator, collect evidence sufficient for a conviction, and prevent the commission of crimes. In order to successfully resolve the matters entrusted to us by you, it is often necessary to discover the perpetrators of an incident. For this purpose, we use various methods, including: examining the perpetrator's means and techniques, examining the credibility of information and its sources, recording the statements of witnesses.


Modus operandi


From Latin, it means "mode of action", it is a mode of action of the perpetrator based on the human tendency to repeat, which consists in attacking the same goods, using the same methods of action, in similar circumstances, time and place. Thanks to the analysis of the methods of action, we can obtain information that will facilitate our further search for the perpetrator.



Detecting the perpetrator


It requires an extremely detailed analysis of all the collected traces, using the services of our experienced company, you can count on full professionalism and commitment to resolve the matter entrusted to us.


from Latin "Experienced and effective in the profession"