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    search for heirs and witnesses

search for heirs and witnesses

Searching for heirs and witnesses


Unexpected arrival of heirs when we plan to sell real estate or land can seriously frustrate our plans. Troublesome are also inheritance perturbations when it comes to divorce cases or related to the determination of inheritance in the so-called patchwork families. In these and similar cases, it is worth asking for help from professional detectives who have access to all documentation and knowledge of inheritance law.

Finding accident witnesses or those necessary in divorce cases is also a difficult task. An experienced detective knows how to reach them and how to convince them to testify. The ability to engage in conversations with people who do not wish to deal with the administration of justice is one of the most valuable competences of the Expertus Agency detectives.



Detective genealogy


Contact with ancestors or the knowledge of one's roots is often lost due to a complicated geopolitical history, periodically intensifying emigration movements or simply by a significant passage of time. Using all known methods - from reviewing archives and library collections (including those inaccessible to outsiders) to investigative methods - we will try to help you find your ancestors and heirs. Thanks to the network of associates and partners, we can use the knowledge and skills of people with different education and experience, which significantly improves the search process and broadens the field of activity.


from Latin "Experienced and effective in the profession"