• Finding lost
    or hidden assets

Finding lost
or hidden assets

Find lost or hidden assets


Our detective office offers you services in the field of finding lost or hidden assets. A person in trouble often hides some of their property to protect them from a bailiff, an act that may constitute a criminal offense. In order to prove such actions, a lot of evidence is needed confirming the possession of property by the debtor, e.g. movable or immovable property, stocks, shares, hidden sources of income, illegal jobs. Establishing ownership of assets is also important in order to secure yourself in the event of the contractor's insolvency. Individual clients also hire us in the event of a divorce to make a fair distribution of the property generated in the course of the marriage, as the spouse may conceal acquired goods.



Find or discover property


Our qualified employees include they check registers, search the databases of economic information offices, conduct environmental interviews, observe persons and property, make provocations related to the purchase of goods, investigate real personal connections, assess property status on the basis of lifestyle and lifestyle, and track cash flows. All information obtained is documented and communicated to the client. If you trust our company, you can count on full commitment and professional approach to the case.

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