• Examination and securing of
    evidence of crimes

Examination and securing of
evidence of crimes



Visual examinations are based on the careful observation of a place, people or things with the help of the senses and with the use of technical means. They are aimed at explaining the circumstances and nature of the event and determining the perpetrator. Inspection leads to the reconstruction of events, which is helped by the answer to 7 golden questions: What ?, Where ?, When ?, How ?, What ?, Why ?, Who? . Detailed preparation of inspection reports is very important and helpful in solving cases.


Securing evidence of crime


Securing evidence is n extremely important, we do this through photography (places, objects, traces), sketches and plans, securing dactyloscopic traces (fingerprints), biological traces (e.g. blood, nails, saliva, semen, urine, plant fragments), securing things and objects. These activities require a lot of insight, imagination and skills, it is also important to see details in seemingly insignificant objects and facts, we offer you full professionalism in this area.

from Latin "Experienced and effective in the profession"