• Employee loyalty control
    and board members

Employee loyalty control
and board members

Loyalty control of employees and board members


The loyalty of employees and board members is checked in order to verify the employee and the compliance of the information contained in the CV with reality or in the event of suspicion that the employee is acting to the detriment of the company. Thanks to our actions, you can be sure of the competence, honesty, loyalty and motivation of an employee or candidate. Choosing the wrong person, in particular for a higher position, may have unpleasant consequences, e.g. financial or harm the company's reputation. It is important in such situations to carefully check the profile of the candidate for a given position, because in the case of serious companies, there can be no mistakes. Our company, in particular, checks information on: the previous workplace, training sessions, positions held in associations and industry organizations, education path (certificates, diplomas), history of debt, criminal past, cooperation with competitors, personal ties, reasons for terminating the previous relationship work.



Standard in Polish companies


Loyalty control of employees and board members is becoming a standard in many Polish companies. As part of the control, our company collects information from the National Criminal Register, employee debts, actual working time in the field, activity in the mass media, testifying to a bad attitude towards the employer. Please remember that everyone should be given limited trust, and control is paramount.

from Latin "Experienced and effective in the profession"