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    divorce for the court

Documentation DVD/AUDIO
divorce for the court

Divorce documentation to court


When collecting divorce documentation for the Court, we often ask ourselves: is this all? In addition to basic documents such as a marriage certificate and birth certificates of children, you will also need evidence, e.g. in the form of testimonies of witnesses, their statements, evidence from recordings or even SMS or e-mail.

Collecting this type of divorce documentation should be entrusted to professionals. In a situation where we want to obtain a divorce with a guilty verdict, each piece of evidence is of great importance. The detective is able to access information that the person involved in the course of the divorce case will not be able to reach, if only due to the ongoing "trial of strength" between the spouses.



Evidence of treason


The evidence includes evidence of treason and documents proving the spouse's income. Only an experienced detective will secure both types of evidence before the defendant realizes that they can be manipulated. And then, especially then - the help of a professional detective cannot be overestimated.


from Latin "Experienced and effective in the profession"