• Arrangements and supervision of
    detective processes

Arrangements and supervision of
detective processes

Establishing the circumstances of the case


Establishing the circumstances requires, among others, inspection of the scene of the incident, interviews with the participants of the incidents, checking the police files and other types of documentation. A professional detective always analyzes a lot of information, and all findings at the initial stage of examining the case are of key importance for its further course. Why? It happens that the findings of our detectives indicate no chance or minimal chance of successfully carrying out the case according to your wishes. Bearing in mind all preliminary arrangements and constantly supervising all detective processes, we immediately inform our clients about possible scenarios of events and together we decide on the further course of the proceedings.



Litigation investigations


It is worth entrusting the pursuit of claims in civil or economic matters to professionals, only they are able to direct the case in such a way that no legal complexities will get you into additional trouble. Wherever the provisions of criminal law apply, the support of a professional private detective cannot be overestimated.


from Latin "Experienced and effective in the profession"