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Maximum results expected by our clients at minimum costs , we have been achieving for over 20 years, thanks to the professionalism and experience of our employees and cooperation with trusted partners, having the required licenses, concessions and insurance.


We do not have a ready price list for all activities, because their cost depends on the terms of the implementation of a specific order, which we always arrange during a direct meeting with the client.


The highest level of the requirements of the public trust profession, which is the detective profession, obliges us, so we do not use dumping for client acquisition - pro forma orders!


Professionalism requires honesty, dedication and maximum personal commitment in each case, as well as the use of optimal forces and means under given conditions, which is possible in the example of the minimum prices given, however, they are not offers within the meaning of the provisions of art. 66 of the Civil Code.


We invite you to the headquarters of EXPERTUS :

We will listen to you and see the problem to be solved,

We will discuss the scope of activities necessary to perform,

We will advise to make a decision, specifying the optimal scope of the order,

We will quote the item of a specific possible order.

We only employ licensed detectives

Do not risk working with amateurs without permission - decide to cooperate with us - we are professionals who know how to achieve the goal.


All services are performed in accordance with applicable legal regulations, using the most modern equipment and professional consulting of professionals.


Our detectives are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact us at any time. We take each order seriously and we make it clear - at the first meeting you will find out what we can realistically do for you, how we can help and what costs it involves.


Scheduling an initial interview does not oblige you to use our services. If you decide to cooperate with us during or after the meeting, we will be happy to take care of your case. If you opt out, we will in no way try to contact you or persuade you to change your mind. The initiative comes from the client and we strictly respect it.


If you do not find the service you are interested in on our website, it does not mean that it is outside the scope of our services. Find out more and contact our law firm.

Detailed scope of our services

Investigations and findings, disclosure of unfair competition, polygraph and expertise, genealogy and DNA research, checking contractors, wiretapping detection, employee loyalty control, identification and expertise, divorce documentation, searching for lost property, searching for people in hiding, finding debtors, observation and GPS tracking, forensic expertise


  • We will help you find old friends, parents, relatives and debtors.
  • We will disclose what the partner is doing and with whom they are in contact - we will provide evidence in the form of photos, audio and video recordings.
  • We will research the past and current information about the person.
  • We will check the actual identity and personal history of the person.
  • We will check the validity of any suspicious insurance claims.
  • It's worth to independently check and make sure who we are dealing with when doing business.
  • We will expose thefts in the enterprise and expose dishonest employees.


We invite you to cooperate!
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