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Business intelligence is one of the basic services provided by a detective company. It is also one of the most sought-after services on the market, especially when considering the context of verifying contractors or clients.


People lie – this is a simplistic truth, and as such we usually do not delve deeper beyond the fact that lying is simply ubiquitous. Meanwhile, this ubiquity of lying is made even more transparent by research conducted by the British company WKD, which shows that an average person lies 88,000 times in their lifetime. That means 1,460 lies a year and at least four lies a day. In addition, it concluded that women are likely to avoid truths three times a day, while men do so five times a day. This tendency is inherent in human nature.


Lies and credibility

Some lies may seem harmless or irrelevant. There are also lies that are fundamental, and may pose serious risks. This rule is especially applicable in the world of business, where certain lies can expose a company to serious issues and losses, even more so when they are disseminated by direct employees, suppliers, customers, contractors or other business-related entities.


How to verify the credibility of a company?

Psychologists offer various advice on identifying liars, and to some extent we can use certain methods to detect them. Unfortunately, as a result of the growth of the business world, independent verification of every person or entity we deal with (regardless of whether an employee, or a business entity that we wish to cooperate with) becomes impossible.


When a company reaches a certain size, it is better to verify both employees and contractors by employing professional services, i.e. business intelligence. Reducing costs by disregarding the importance of business intelligence may result in significant financial losses. As such, accurate company verification is a key element in ensuring operational security and strategic stability of any company.


Professional liars

Fraudsters, in order to extort money, can easily create a fake website containing a professional presentation of a company that actually does not exist. Even tech-literate and well-versed internet users, when verifying such websites, may make a conclusion that our “potential contractor” has an established position on the market and provides services to numerous Polish and foreign companies. On websites like this, fraudsters can post forged certificates, recommendations from well-known businessmen and institutions, and even entire collections of photos and data to establish an image of excellent financial situation. And unfortunately, when paid in advance – they often disappear into thin air within few minutes.


The same can be applied to employees, including managers, because creating a fictitious social media profile is even easier and cheaper. And then sometime later, it turns out that the chief accountant who assured us that she had many years of work in the most respected institutions and companies with established reputation, is quite simply a fraud.


Unfair business practices

Business Intelligence is also useful in countering unfair competition. A professional detective agency can quickly identify companies that utilize unfair methods, for instance – reducing costs by selling cheaper, qualitatively inferior goods. Detective companies  have noted numerous examples of cases of stealing technology, bribes and the general thieving know-how. And there are many more examples of unfair business methods.



Verification of the company by a professional detective agency

Entrusting the task of verification to a professional detective company, that will conduct an economic interview on our behalf, is the best solution. A detective company will not only verify the activity of companies we work with, whether they have the proper experience in the area we are interested in, but also identify and evaluate its realistic financial condition. In short, it will answer the question whether the company we are dealing with is trustworthy.


The savings in this respect may significantly exceed the subsequent damage.





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