Investigative services


Poland "overflows" with detective services. In every major city you can easily find several detective companies ready to help their clients with their trouble. The thing is, some people can get us into even more trouble.

Average citizens often do not associate the profession of the private detective with empathy, subtlety and discretion.  Popular American films “imprinted”, so to speak, a certain stereotype of a detective: cunning, insolence, often brutality and the ability to effectively bribe.




Not to grandstand, but the detective’s job is quite simply to help people who, for various reasons, found themselves in uncomfortable situations. A detective has to gather information, verify it, and then make arrangements, all in order to help the client in overcoming such situations.

 Wrong choice may lead to trouble

Wiesław J. Modrakowski, not only as a doctor of law from Nicolas Copernicus University in Torun, but also the co-founder of this industry in Poland, is one of the foremost and most trustworthy authorities on the topic of detective services.

Formerly, he was the president of the Board of the Polish Association of Licensed Detectives, and the current honorary president of the Polish Federation of Detectives.

For many years, the detective industry was regulated, and obtaining a license was necessary to provide detective services.
During the exam, any potential "Polish Sherlock Holmes" had to demonstrate specialist knowledge in various fields of law, but also, of course, forensics, criminology, psychology and sociology. However, these exams were eventually annulled due to industry deregulation. Consequently, modern
detective services are often provided by people who not only do not possess the proper experience in forensics, but also do not have practical knowledge of the Polish law.


A Parents Concern

The more so because the scope of services provided so far by private detectives has changed significantly in recent years. They are no longer just desperate husbands who suspect their wives of treason, or frightened women who sense that their partners may potentially "have someone". It is no longer just property matters and proverbial disputes over copper, searching for relatives, detecting hidden property or collecting evidence that may be needed for criminal trials.


A few years ago, the legal sphere of protection of children rights was created, a concept previously unknown to Polish law. There are more and more such cases, and they are extremely delicate and require special, professional preparation – explains Wiesław Jan Modrakowski from Expertus Law Office & Invesgators.

More and more parents concerned about their children are commissioning
detective services, in fear that their children may have fallen into bad company. Parents are trying to find out whether they are using drugs or participating in criminal groups. These actions, if carried out without the appropriate subtlety and knowledge, can lead to real tragedies.

Today, it is impossible to accurately determine the number of entities providing detective services in Poland.
It is estimated that the detective profession is actively performed in our country by just over a thousand licensed detectives. But in truth, detective services are provided by several thousand entities, which means that most of them do it without appropriate experience and knowledge.

from Latin "Experienced and effective in the profession"