Health and Property Protection Assembly in Bydgoszcz


On October 24 and 25, 2015, at the Bydgoszcz Centrum-Targowo-Wystawienniczy (Exhibition Centre) took place the first edition of the Health and Property Protection Assembly. I would like to remind, that the Polish Association of Licensed Detectives was one of the substantive patrons of this event. It was the first edition of this event, organized after the preparation of the hall was completed.


On October 24, a member of the PSLD Management Board gave the following lecture: Legal conditions and practice in matters related to business investigations in the enterprise. 


Also on October 24, a lecture and presentation by Paweł Kaźmierski, on Devices used in economic counterintelligence.


On October 25, a very interesting lecture by Eugeniusz Kazienko, on the use of the polygraph in business. The lecture was a combined presentation.


During the lectures, we talked about the mission of the PSLD and legal conditions the detective work in Poland. President Wiesław Modrakowski  gave an interview to the representatives of the press present at the event.  The PSLD Board would like to thank all the members of the Association who have devoted their time to provide free consultations, as well as their participation in the lectures.

Special thanks to: Agnieszka Modrakowska, Ani Miklas, Paweł Kaźmierski, Jacek Dobrogoszcz, Marek Bartkowski, and Sebastian Frycz.

Below is the relation of the event.

 Some materials are limited, in respect of those who did not consent to online publication of their person.


Best Regards,

The PSLD Board


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