Economic intelligence


Knowledge is the most basic decision-making tool in business. Its scope and depth often determines the success of the project, so it is important that information about our contractors, for example, is provided to us by professionals and not amateurs.


The economic landscape is strewn with beautiful economic projects that did not come to fruition due to dishonesty on behalf of one of the parties. Perhaps its financial condition was too weak and the assessment of its realistic possibilities simply too optimistic. In order to avoid such a fate, it is necessary to comprehensively examine with whom exactly we intend to take joint action in the near future.


Not just public information


Modern communication systems, and above all the Internet, gives access to a wealth of information about companies: their achievements, potential, opportunities, even shareholders.  However, one should bear in mind that most of this information is "produced" by the company itself, which, of course, paints its image in rather embellished, most of the time untrue colours. Not even the officially published economic data paints the real picture, because these are usually one year behind the schedule. Awareness of this is crucial, especially now, when the stability of the Polish economy lies in question, and bankruptcy casts its shadows even on entities that so far have been considered the unbreakable foundation of the Polish economy. This is a looming threat, because cooperating with a company on the verge of bankruptcy can get us in trouble and turn out to be a very costly mistake.


Therefore, any previously unknown entity we start our cooperation with, should be closely examined. And I mean a lot. And not just by browsing the internet, social media, or inviting its board members for dinner, but rather it should be entrusted to verified professionals - In short, to rely on prepared, business intelligence specialists.


-  There is a lot of information about companies in the public space that as a rule, is very easily accessible.  Unfortunately, such information is also often incomplete, unverified, or even completely fake. In practice, from the manager's point of view, what is publicly available is not just an information, but rather its logistical beginning Such information requires fact-checking, complex verification, sometimes even contacting certain witnesses, and then – a concluding, thorough analysis. This is difficult, multi-threaded work requiring knowledge and experience – explains Wiesław Jan Modrakowski, representative of Expertus® (Law Office & Investigators) spółka z o.o. and honorary president of the Polish Federation of Detectives, former president of the Board of the Polish Association of Licensed Detectives. 


Business intelligence means confidence


Business Intelligence is of key importance not only when considering our selection of business partners and contractors, but also the recipients of our services or products. It is also completely unique to each company, and non-transferable in case of most mergers or transfers. When handled by professionals, business intelligence will grant us perspective on economic conditions of our partners, as well as connections between parties and persons of interest, both of key importance in the modern world of business. An effective detective agency specialized in business intelligence will provide us with verified, legally obtained information.


- In case of business intelligence, experience and appropriate equipment are crucial in obtaining and analysing information. A detective company dealing with business intelligence must therefore cooperate with experts in many fields, including financial analysts and psychologists – explains Wiesław Jan Modrakowski from Expertus.


- In the case of economic intelligence, experience and appropriate instruments are crucial in obtaining and then analysing such information.


Business intelligence is becoming more and more popular in Poland with every year, resulting from the professionalization of the Polish business, as well as the growing, closer ties between the Polish economy and the wider world. As such, these global relationships also mean that companies dealing with economic intelligence are required to be appropriately professional, able of obtaining information not just domestically, but also on foreign markets.


Andrzej Matuszewski




from Latin "Experienced and effective in the profession"