Detective as a person of public trust


A lot depends on trust.  First of all, it depends on whether the private detective will solve the case entrusted to him.  And whether the facts that were established during his examination are safe and will not be used contrary to our intentions. Therefore, when choosing a detective agency with which we want to cooperate with, it is worth checking it out first, finding out whether the agency holds an appropriate reputation, and whether it archives data in accordance with applicable regulations. This should be one of the most important criteria that the client takes into account when choosing a detective agency - explains Wiesław Modrakowski, representative of the Expertus® (Law Office & Investigators).


Lack of trust in the polish judiciary system

Poland suffers from a trust deficit. Probably as a result of our history, we never had confidence in the state and its institutions. In recent years, trust in institutions related to the judiciary and law enforcement has also been strained – the same system that was painstakingly built after 1989. The IBRIS survey for Onet conducted last year shows that while  61% of Poles trust the police, almost 30% of respondents declare lack of trust in this institution.  This is perhaps not the worst result – in the survey, the police ranked fourth – but it is also difficult to call it sensational, since the leader of this ranking - NATO, tends to enjoy over eighty percent of public trust.
  In this study, the institutions of the judiciary performed even worse. Taking for example courts, which are trusted by only 38.4% of the survey participants, with just over 9% of Poles declaring that they "definitely trust" in this institution, and around 30% "somewhat" trust them. 44.5% of Poles are of the opposite opinion. The work of the prosecutor's office is assessed even worse.


A private detective will not replace the police, but will help nonetheless

Low levels of trust in both the judiciary system and the police will have repercussions.  It can be assumed that in this situation many people that struggle with law and court-related issues will be forced to seek help from detective agencies in order to solve their problems, or accelerate their proceedings. Time is an important criterion in both economic and social matters. Meanwhile, in September 2023, the Ombudsman in an official letter pointed out to the Minister of Justice that "Statistics indicate that in some time slots, the number of cases in which long-term proceedings are conducted has increased fivefold. Particular attention is drawn, even in relation to 2020, when there was an drastic increase in the number of cases within two highest time categories (over two years to five years and over five years)". 


In recent years, court proceedings have also been significantly extended, and the last wave of departures from the police, and the announcement of yet another such wave make us suspect that the efficiency of this institution will also deteriorate in the near future


"Of course, private detectives will not replace the police and the prosecutor's office, but their activities can alleviate many citizens' problems.  However, it is important that when choosing a specific detective agency, you focus on reputable companies with many years of experience, which can demonstrate significant successes – explains Wiesław Modrakowski, representative of the Expertus® (Law Office & Investigators).



from Latin "Experienced and effective in the profession"