Business protection


Fierce market competition increases the demand for professional protection. Eventually, the coming recession will intensify cases of unethical business activities, which means that we should be at an constant vigilance.


The aspect of economic espionage remains somehow underestimated in Poland, and even completely neglected by many. This is especially true for native businesses, whose owners are not yet aware that by disregarding protection – or entrusting it to unprofessional companies – they expose themselves to very serious problems.


Bond with a mop 


Many years ago, when I worked in an international corporation, one day its foreign owners introduced a "clean desk policy" – the desks overflowing with towering piles of documents were to be neatly organized and cleaned. It annoyed everyone, even including the CEOs.  It was terribly grating, and while enforcement of this new habit took a very long time, in the end the goal was achieved.

It reminds me of this story, when during an company event a friend of mine, working in a large nationwide service company, told us about a certain cleaning lady, and about she ‘passionately’ read various company documents lying around the offices.

And there was a large variety of documents. Although she was mostly interested in payrolls and bonuses, she also found the results of market research, analysis of the effectiveness of individual departments and plans for structural changes. And how?  She wasn't James Bond in a skirt. Simply, the bosses of the company left all the documents on the desk, joyfully turned (or not) the key in the lock of their office and went home.  And in the evening, the cleaning lady, wiping away the dust and washing the elegant parquet, reads the documents, the importance of which – fortunately for her bosses – she does not realize.  Fortunately,  because if a certain thought crossed her mind, and she sent these documents to the competition, then the results would be outstandingly bad.


Specialists are at your fingertips

This is just an example of how important it is to acquire services of an
business protection specialist. Prepare an audit, and then introduce appropriate decisions at all levels of the organization. Without it, we expose ourselves to serious trouble and often irreparable losses. In extreme cases – even elimination from the market.

- Polish entrepreneurs are not very aware of how important this element of security is in business. This awareness came from the West, but it is still slowly breaking through to Poland. Unfortunately, this aspect is still not taught at Polish universities or business courses. Meanwhile, there are already many companies in the country that are professionally prepared for this. All you have to do is reach for their help – explains Dr. Wiesław Jan Modrakowski, representative of Expertus®(Law Office & Investigators), and honorary president of the Polish Federation of Detectives.

Money spent on professional protection should not be considered a cost, but rather an investment in the future - and if invested wisely, the benefit will become obvious very quickly.

from Latin "Experienced and effective in the profession"